Fresh coffee is good!

Coffeetopia is a brand of Şerif Başaran.

Şerif Başaran’s coffee journey began with his ownership of a cafe in Sydney, Australia, which eventually led him to become a coffee educator after receiving various training courses. In 2008, he was crowned "Best Coffee Educator" at an event organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). He is currently serving as a judge in international coffee competitions and continuing to provide coffee education in Turkey. So far, Şerif Başaran has trained over 2200 baristas and also provides coffee consultancy to cafes.

Recognizing the lack of quality coffee in Turkey, Şerif Başaran decided to share his experiences in the coffee industry and established the "Sheriff's Coffee Factory" in 2011.

At the Coffee Roasting Center of the Coffee Factory, the most special and qualified coffee beans are personally researched by Şerif Başaran and are procured from the farm in their green state. For each bean, a separate roasting profile is created to reflect the characteristic structure of coffee beans grown in different countries, altitudes, soil structures, and climate conditions, resulting in beautiful and unique tastes. Even if the coffee beans in your hand have the highest potential, if you cannot serve it to your guests with the right machine or brewing method after proper grinding, one of the most important gears in this process is missing. To control every step of coffee's long journey from the farm to the cup and present it to you in the best possible way, we established Coffeetopia, our brand at the Coffee Factory. In 2014, we opened our first Coffeetopia branch in Eminönü with the concept of third-generation coffee shops. With new branches opened both domestically and internationally, Coffeetopia has become a large family.

We use well-equipped, practical, and stylish espresso machines at all of our Coffeetopia branches. In addition to espresso-based coffee machines, we also have filter coffee machines. We frequently use third-generation coffee brewing methods such as V60, chemex, and aeropress, and store the "cold brew" coffee, which takes 15-18 hours to prepare, in our specially designed bottles, especially during the summer months.

Before brewing freshly roasted, qualified coffee, we grind it freshly and our experienced and trained baristas, as well as our service staff who work tirelessly and with a smile, make every effort to serve it to you in the most accurate way possible.

To achieve good coffee, the following are necessary:

  • Qualified coffee beans
  • Meticulous roasting
  • Trained baristas
  • Quality coffee machines, barista equipment, and accessories
  • Service staff working with a smiling service approach
  • Our aim is to serve you in the best possible way by providing the parameters of coffee passion.

Coffee is our life, "Fresh coffee is good!" is our slogan.

We look forward to seeing you for coffee.